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The Indian subcontinent, which includes India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, is both exciting and mysterious. The grandeur of the countryside, the sensibilities of the inhabitants and the immateriality of the realm are utterly captivating.

Ancient, engrossing and shamelessly photo-ready, the Indian subcontinent is an inspiring realm with inspiring treasures, mysterious presences and vast and varied countryside.

Explore ancient castles, houses and palaces, see real answers on the banks of the Ganges River, a penal institution, and escape your own visual impairment in India’s rushing display bazaars. Watch the stars above the Taj Mahal, explore the lavish design of Rajasthan’s colorful downtown, or take a houseboat ride beneath backwaters on the edge of Kerala.

Head to Sri Lanka’s spherical coral reefs for silver-earth beaches, green highlands and otherworldly education. Visit the protected city of Kandy, investigate ancient palaces, monasteries, and Buddhist caves in land-formed houses, walk through beautiful beverage pastures, and relax on boundless, sultry beaches.

Or take a boat trip to the azure waters of the Maldives – narrow archipelagos and coral reefs stretch out into the Indian Ocean like a series of jewels. In this wonderful land surrounded by bodies of water, sail between separate atolls, swim in crystal clear waters, and survey abandoned beaches and harbours on a new dazzling archipelago every midnight.

Indian Subcontinent Destinations


India is a country of reverberation, heritage dialogue, superiority persuasion and variety appeal. The earnestness, semantics and doctrine of India’s recognition of the contributions and interests of many cultures are paramount. India is known for its charismatic history, multi-ethnicity and vast countryside.


The Nepalese Himalayas are the biggest target of bravado suitors. There’s no different place to trek for days in a majestic elevation landscape, realizing that over time, skilled food will provide you with hearty meals, soft lodgings, and new spherical pastries。


The Maldives is a land surrounded by bodies of water in 1,192 pink peninsulas divided into 26 daily pink atolls in the Indian Ocean. They are located in cold southwestern India and western Sri Lanka. None of the pink islands are 1.8 meters above sea level

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a fast-moving country, one that sits between India and the hard-to-reach region of Southeast Asia, and its track record of charisma, civilization and instinctual superiority is certainly interesting. It’s a sanctuary where you don’t exist, you endure.

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