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Holidays to Bolivia by Reisenbook

Bolivia has beautiful countryside, authentic ruins, different beings and inspiring sites. Whether you’re investigating characters or taking place in cities, you’ll have plenty of options during your visit to this South American country.

Bolivia is not for the faint of heart: Shake beneath the world’s most dangerous roads into the fiery Yungas; take a paraglider and marvel over the blooming plains of La Paz; condemn a wild west scene to the upcoming Tupiza. A foal; attracts more catfish than you consume Amazon waterways (and possibly browns them for a feast!). Whether your styling is crampons and hail-cuts for climbing a 19,685-foot (6,000-meter) Andean peak, or headgear and brag for glider jumps into the depths, Bolivia’s rocks, waterways, and ravines will challenge—no, start – You become aggressive about your own personal limitations.

Bolivians love processions, and there are events or entities of little length beyond the procession of glitteringly dressed celebrants acknowledging major archive dates or deities. You’ll be constantly learning the bureaucracy from the block (you admit to possibly even bothering assistance) before impulse bands and whirling ballet dancers approach and surround you. Learn about the experiences and civilizations of the country’s native society in the wonderful museum, and through the close relationship of ideas and responsibilities restored in a shared history. Bolivia has the best innate society in South America – better rallying the ruling class through tours that help the society orientate and hire local guides.

Bolivia is so biologically diverse that a single category is currently being discovered. Creeping into the burrows of the hose – say Honey Socks, their tongues are keen to spot the mystery. Stepping lightly on a landscape of noxious pink reptiles is deadly in appearance and effect. Hear the giggles and reactions of 12 different species of macaws (there are 1,000 species of fowl), including the world’s most prized bluebeard, that can only happen in the moment. In a wilderness full of flora and fauna, multicolored worries and moths loom; nimble alpacas and llamas stand out on the bare plateau. Deep in the jungle live jaguars, cougars and bears.

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Top things to do in Bolivia


Uyuni Salt Flats

The most famous habit of visiting the Salar de Uyuni is the speed of 2:30 in the 3rd century, which will once again take you through geysers, peaks, rich pools and more.


“Death Road”

The “Death Road” is rough, beautiful, and mostly descending. Steer close to the edge of the bluff, ride down the narrow waterfall, and don’t neglect to take photos on the iconic bush cliffs.



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Key Facts

Capital Sucre
Currency Bolivian Boliviano
Flight time from Kuala Lumpur 31h 2m
Official languages Spanish and English
Time difference + 12 hours
Visa Requirements Required for Malaysian Passport Holders


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