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Brazil holidays by Reisenbook

Brazil is the best country in South America, an amazing fusion of countryside and ideas. Its instinctual wonders range from the mighty Amazon waterways and some of the best rainforest in the country to stormy waterfalls, flat mountain peaks, vast grasslands, huge sand dunes, honest equatorial beaches and a surprising world of vegetation and animals.

Many elegant important towns have well-preserved avant-garde apartments and beautifully decorated churches, while the modern capital, Brasilia, is a UNESCO heritage site for the experience due to its charming modernist urban design.

Brazil is one of the most enchanting places on earth, a country of chalky silver-soil beaches, blooming rainforests and sprawling, vibrant metropolises, with enchanting interests touched by burning rock canyons, roaring waterfalls and An alien countryside of sultry enclaves bordered by pink. And then adept at Brazil’s biodiversity: famous all over the world, enticing different environments to pride themselves on the underdog in the competition, plants and animals erecting indeterminate areas on the ground. In Brazil, you can find iconic species in countless places, including toucans, red macaws, bug monkeys, capybaras, pink dolphins, pond turtles and about 1,000 other creatures.

Brazil offers commuters an expansive scene that comes with a rich and narrow budget. Horseback oppression and vigilance in the Pantanal, kayaking in flooded woodlands in the Amazon, escalating from rugged cliff tops to sweeping views, vigilance for mammals on the coast, on beaches that touch the edge Surfing paradise and swimming underwater in clear waterways or swampy reefs – both are indiscriminate and excellent Brazilian knowledge. The prospect of waiting and doing nothing is equally pleasing, except dipping your toes in the warm sand and learning about a delightful seaside, accompanied by Brazil’s communal drink, caipirinha.

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Top things to do in Brazil


Iguazu Falls

No matter where you are in Brazil right now, it’s worth your time to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Brazil, you can approach the falls from the metropolis of Foz do Iguaçu (the approach points in Paraguay and Argentina are equally skilled). Make the most of the view in front of you.


Hiking the cliffs

Aparados da Serra National Park has the beautiful Itaimbezinho Canyon. Here, you’ll imagine waterfalls, subtropical jungles and endangered species within your means. We agree with you to reach your goals early and be careful not to leave more progressive trails empty than you expected.


Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto may be the country’s high-quality, continuously expanding metropolis. The church in this place is still beautified in gold, and new buildings must comply with the corresponding guidelines, making this town the first choice for most tourists to visit in Brazil. Ouro Preto remains a standard target at Carnival.

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Key Facts

Capital Brasilia
Currency Brazilian Real
Flight time from Kuala Lumpur 28h 13m
Official languages Portuguese and English
Time difference + 2 hours 30 minutes
Visa Requirements Required for Malaysian Passport Holders


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