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Holidays to Chile by Reisenbook

Squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile has long been known as the most endless country in the field. It never strays 180km (112 5) off course, but the waterside charm goes beyond 4,300km (2,672 5).

Chile has the driest desert in the world, beautiful snowscapes and fjords, and many volcanoes near the Pacific “Ring of Fire”.

Chiles are ridiculously thin and unreasonably long, stretching from the stomachs of South America to the limbs of creatures, from the driest desert deserts to the icy fields of the south. 4300 kilometers of different countryside unfolds: dry dunes, fertile lowlands, volcanoes, ancient bushes, snow and fjords. All the detail and character on the melodic scale is amazing. For pilgrims, discovering this intact forest is overwhelming. Humanity’s search for events destroyed these treasures faster than we expected. Yet at the same time, Chile guards very few pristine parts of our world that should not be misplaced.

In Chile, the tight border promotes familiarity with grasses—both the Andes and the Pacific are booked, and the country is only 175 kilometers off course on average. No wonder you’re starting to welcome similar faces. Pause and it starts choosing home. You’ve got the sheer finish, and the single item that stands out at the border of this finish is the neighborhood. Buena onda (protocol) resource hangs out with an approachable gesture. Patagonians share round after round of yerba mate. The tradition of attribution and reduction is so complete with locally present cloth that it is rarely seen. But they do express personal behavior: stay and make your guards unhappy.

In Chile, experience is what happens in the process of carrying it. Step on the fat cobblestones of Carretera Austral, stop offering ferries that accompany SUVs and bullock carts, or act inappropriately in search of paradise among unknown plantations. Accidental takeover. Planning should work, but try to happen when available. The locals are never in a hurry, so you probably shouldn’t either. “Those who waste their time in a hurry” is a Patagonian proverb, and it works well as a commuter’s chorus.

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Top things to do in Chile

Los Pinguinos Natural Monument

A visit to the Los Pingüinos Natural Monument in Chile is an experience like no other. This is the best penguin colony in southern Chile, on the narrow island of Magdalena.

Chiloe Churches

The Chiloé Church in Chile’s Chiloé Islands is a unique structural marvel in the Americas and the ultimate important style of Chilota design. Chiloe’s beliefs are entirely shaped by native forests. The chapel was erected with fabric to oppose the wet and humid sea trend of the Chiloe Islands.


Valparaiso is the main city, docking place, sailing base and teaching center of Valparaiso, Chile. Valparaiso, the capital of Chile’s second most populous government territory, has been the nerve center of the Chilean Navy since 1817 and the seat of the Chilean National Assembly since 1990.

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Key Facts

Capital Santiago
Currency Chilean Peso
Flight time from Kuala Lumpur 21h 5m
Official languages Spanish and English
Time difference + 11 hours 
Visa Requirements Required for Malaysian Passport Holders


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