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Luxury Private Group Travel

If you wish to reopen accompanying relatives and companions, or travel with a local club or people, our group tours may end on a confidential basis. Plus, you’ll have the personal safety and freedom of our local guides. Alternatively, you agree to plan your own practice route based on the personal knowledge of our travel advisors. Just choose the tour that suits you and chat with our guides on 0123456789 or email Reconnect with accompanying relatives and companions and investigate new or well-known goals in our group of conscious local guides. The journey is built on local information and unveiled to a crowd that accompanies all knowledge and abilities.

Special Offer - Free Travel for 8th Person

  • Your own faithful travel veteran supports you throughout the preparation process and symbolizes a personal touchpoint.
  • Expert advice and advice to help you design the perfect journey for your team.
  • The purchasing power and proficiency of Cox & Kings as a whole may result in excess profits for the service.
  • Certain special requirements or special needs for the security of individual affiliates of the group will be fulfilled.
  • All inn and departure restrictions, as well as the late chair of your group plan, should be in your favor by Cox & Kings.
  • Well-designed travel itinerary, outline and additional documents.
  • Cox & Kings particularly appreciate the full support of local English-speaking agents, guides and jockeys to support your goals during your delivery and throughout your trip.
  • In the event of some surprising issues, you will have full support from Cox & Kings and Glamour representatives, as well as guardianship for moving house with fully guaranteed travelling guests.
  • The spiritual freedom that yields all the double benefits, admit that you like knowledge in information and that you are incompetent hands.

Terms and conditions

  • 7 person repayments must be paid in full, if individual cancellations affect group capacity below the 8 person opening price, C&K reserves the close to withdraw or cancel the discount
  • This offer does not combine with some different offers, including connecting to the internet or WOCK offers, the free 8th will stop living from the ending balance fee instead of the starting deposit fee
  • Group travel itineraries for 2021 and 2022 Europe, Middle East, Far East, India Alternative Pure, Latin America and Africa destinations
  • This offer may be affected and C&K reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time
  • The 8th person travel full free offer is applicable to part of the onward journey (provided that all 8 appendages of the body accept the onward journey), but will exclude the departure upgrade of accessories and reconciliation before and after the trip to a certain extent
  • All 8 people must belong to the organization twin room. Items are excluded from this announcement